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"Build Failed" message is displayed along with Verified +1 in Gerrit


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    • Jenkins 2.263.4, Gerrit Trigger 2.30.5


      Gerrit Reporting Values:

      1. Verify Successful: 1
      2. Verify Failed: -1


      Gerrit Verified Commands:

      1. Successful: gerrit review <CHANGE>,<PATCHSET> --message 'Build Successful' --verified <VERIFIED>
      2. Failed: gerrit review <CHANGE>,<PATCHSET> --message 'Build Failed' --verified <VERIFIED>



      1. Let two CIs got triggered (CI_1 and CI_2) and both CIs failed
      2. "Build Failed" message is sent to Gerrit along with Verified -1.
      3. After sometime CI_2 build got removed due to the configured retention policy i.e. "Days to keep builds" or "Max # of builds to keep".
      4. Clicked on "Retrigger" button in CI_1 build
      5. Verified verdict is given based on the status of retriggerred CI_1 build. CI_2 build status is completely ignored.
      6. "Build Failed" message is given irrespective of the status of the build.


      The above problem is serious one as Verified +1 is given if retriggerred CI_1 build is successful and the failed CI_2 is completely ignored. Also, the message is ambiguous.



      All CIs needs to be retriggered using "Query and Trigger Gerrit Patches".

      Note: "Retrigger All" button also ignores CI_2, which is not correct.

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