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Add Cancel button to Configure screen


      Add Cancel button to job Configure Screen

      The job configure screen needs a Cancel button. It currently only has Save and Apply.

      This issue has been observed for the job configuration screens of the following:

      1. freestyle
      2. multi-configuration
      3. multi-job
      4. folder

      It probably exists for others too.

      This is needed so that a user can view a jobs configuration without actually changing the configuration.

      I have observed that I can make zero(0) changes to a job and when I select Save to exit the configuration window, the corresponding config.xml is updated. The updates are often changing a plugin version, or sometimes removing empty XML statements and other times adding empty xml statements.

      Another reason to add cancel is in the event that a user makes a modification that they don't want saved. The want to cancel the configuration session.

      Moreover theĀ Cancel button would only apply to unsaved changes. For example if the did the following:

      1. Modify config
      2. Select Apply
      3. Modify config
      4. Select Cancel

      Then that would only back-out/revert/cancel the changes made for step 3 since it hadn't be applied yet.

      I guess this might also be considered an Exit button.

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