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o.e.j.server LowOnThreads recurring error, Service restart is needed


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    • metrics-plugin
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    • Jenkins v2.303.1
      CentOs 7.8
      Java 1.8.0

      Hi there,

      i have this error , near every 24h and follwoing this i have to restart jenkisn servcie in order to connect to the Web UI :

      [id=18] INFO o.e.j.server.LowResourceMonitor#monitor: Low Resources cleared
      [id=18] WARNING o.e.j.server.LowResourceMonitor#monitor: Low Resources: Check if the ThreadPool from monitored connectors are lowOnThreads and if all connections number is higher than the allowed maxConnection.

      I can't find any way to increase this maxconnection values.

      Thanks for your answer

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