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Secrets are not masked when URL-encoded


      The credentials-binding-plugin tries to hide its secrets from the jenkins log. I presume the algoritm is to do a simple replace on the known passwords with ****

      The trouble is, if you want to use that password to pass to git... as in...


      git clone https://${MYUSER}:${MYPASS}/bitbucket.org/myproject/myrepository

      that doesn't work because MYPASS has to be url encoded... so what one does is something like:

      git clone  https://${MYUSER}:`echo -n "$MYPASS" | jq -sRr @uri`/bitbucket.org/myproject/myrepository

      This now works BUT since your password is now URL encoded, the secret hiding algorithm will now reveal it in the log.

      I suppose the simplest solution to this is to mask not only the password, but the url encoded password too.

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