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On arm64 Linux, all files checked out as executable


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    • Jenkins 2.303.3, Subversion plugin 2.15.1 (with SVNKit 1.10.1 r10777)

      As reported in https://support.tmatesoft.com/t/on-arm64-linux-all-files-checked-out-as-executable/2728, checking out Subversion repositories on arm64 Linux creates all files with executable bits, even if they don't have svn:executable properties.

      The root cause is an SVNKit bug in its handling of Linux stat structures, which is now fixed via https://issues.tmatesoft.com/issue/SVNKIT-762, in SVNKit trunk r10814. The TMateSoft people say this fix will land in the upcoming SVNKit 1.10.4 release.

      When SVNKit 1.10.4 is released, please update the corresponding .jar file in the next release of the Jenkins Subversion plugin.

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