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When I update Jenkins version, failed to publish my file through agent node


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    • Jenkins version 2.330 one master one slave
      java version "11.0.12" 2021-07-20 LTS
      Publish Over SSH version 1.22
      OS: CentOS 8.2
      Agent connects to master through agent.jar

      I update my Jenkins from version 2.26 to version 2.330, when I deploy my java project and publish my jar file to remote servers through the Jenkins agent(slave) node, it is hanged, after a long long time, I got an error:

      SSH: Connecting from host [xx-xx-xx-xx]
      SSH: Connecting with configuration [my-server] ...
      ERROR: Exception when publishing, exception message [Failed to add SSH key. Message [invalid privatekey: [B@28e21477]]
      Build step 'Send build artifacts over SSH' changed build result to UNSTABLE
      Finished: UNSTABLE


      I have tested the login from agent node to remote host, and it worked well, it works well before I updated my Jenkins version.


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