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Multi-Branch Pipeline tool installs fails frequently on branches


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    • Jenkins 2.332.1
      Oracle Linux 7.9
      Lots of plugins installed, almost all are the most recent versions available

      I have a multi-branch pipeline job that seems to work fine on the main branch.  On other branches/PRs, I am seeing very frequent failures (> 90%) that appear to be related to Jenkins tool installations.

      In my Jenkinsfile, I have the following:

      tools {
          maven 'maven-3.8.4'
          jdk 'OpenJDK 15.0.2'

      Both of these are set up to automatically download and install in the Jenkins Global Tool configuration.

      In builds that are working, Blue Ocean shows what I would expect (a single installation of each), see attached.  In builds that are failing, Blue Ocean shows that Jenkins is trying to install the tools twice, with the second OpenJDK installation always failing at the same point, see attached.  Note that both the successful and failing builds were done on the same branch with zero changes to the code or Jenkins configuration between the runs.

      At this point, I have no idea what could be causing this behavior so I am forced to assume that this is a Jenkins bug.


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