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Git-parameters plugin causes jobconfighistory to write non-informative entries regarding UUID change


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    • Jenkins 2.332.1; Job Configuration History Version1119.v509e1017356b_; Git Parameter 0.9.15

      Git-parameter plugin set with BRANCH as a name causes Job Configuration History plugin to write non-informative entries regarding UUID change. This lead to a cluttered history in jobconfighistory that takes the space on a server.


      Task settings causing the issue:


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. create at least 2 branches in your git repo
      2. set any pipeline with Git parameter Name = BRANCH and Branches to build > Branch Specifier (blank for 'any') specifying one of 2 branches
      3. Click Build with Parameters, selecting the branch you specified
      4. Now change task configuration in Configure menu and change the branch name in Branches to build to another branch of your repository
      5. Click Build with Parameters, selecting the branch you specified this time
      6. Open Job Configuration History


      Actual result: there are 2 entries appeared with the only change: different UUIDs

      Impact: when the task is run a lot of times during the day, the history in jobconfighistory is cluttered and is not informative, taking up the disk space on a server and can potentially lead to the lack of inodes on a server.

      What is expected: need to get rid of entries in the Job Config History related to UUID change from the Git parameter plugin. Since the task is automatically executed several times a day, need to exclude such logging to save the space and improve readability in the Job Config History.

      There is similar issue already reported, but for another plugin:



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