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Java 11/JAXB compatibility: Long tail



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    • Java 11/JAXB compatibility: Long tail


      JAXB was removed from Java 9+. In 2.164, JAXB was detached into the JAXB API plugin, which means that any plugin with a Jenkins baseline prior to 2.164 will get JAXB on its classpath via the detached plugin mechanism. Any plugin with a Jenkins baseline greater than or equal to 2.164 will get JAXB on its classpath if and only if it declares a plugin-to-plugin dependency on JAXB (recommended) or embeds JAXB into its own .jpi via a direct or transitive dependency.

      A systematic search of the plugin corpus was conducted on May 9, 2022; this search revealed that a number of plugins have a baseline greater than or equal to 2.164, a direct or transitive usage of JAXB, no plugin-to-plugin dependency on JAXB, and no copy of JAXB in the .jpi. For compatibility with Java 11, these plugins should drop their usage of JAXB or should declare an explicit dependency on the JAXB, Jackson 2 API, and/or Jersey 2 API plugins.

      Sorted by # of installs:

      Plugin Number of Installs
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/ldap/ 264414
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/analysis-model-api/ 24507
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/jersey2-api/ 22641
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/aws-java-sdk-minimal/ 22309
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/saml/ 17801
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/dtkit-api/ 13971
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/azure-commons/ 9564
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/nexus-jenkins-plugin/ 7398
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/notification/ 6874
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/xcode-plugin/ 5775
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/maven-artifact-choicelistprovider/ 4317
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/cppcheck/ 4276
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/maven-metadata-plugin/ 4138
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/confluence-publisher/ 3173
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/azure-ad/ 2965
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/vsphere-cloud/ 2845
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/sloccount/ 2353
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/crowd2/ 1985
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/codesonar/ 1909
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/hp-application-automation-tools-plugin/ 1689
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/report-info/ 1354
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/cas-plugin/ 822
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/miniorange-saml-sp/ 751
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/github-coverage-reporter/ 416
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/performance-signature-ui/ 312
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/custom-build-properties/ 280
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/hp-quality-center/ 223
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/dynatrace-dashboard/ 200
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/rapid7-insightvm-container-assessment/ 153
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/scm-manager/ 152
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/macstadium-orka/ 142
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/performance-signature-dynatrace/ 128
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/remoting-kafka/ 80
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/servicenow-devops/ 74
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/zanata/ 56
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/adobe-cloud-manager/ 52
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/hp-operations-orchestration-automation-execution-plugin/ 51
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/codebeamer-coverage-publisher/ 48
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/thycotic-secret-server/ 48
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/compuware-ispw-operations/ 31
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/packageversion/ 30
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/autograding/ 27
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/cloudify/ 26
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/thycotic-devops-secrets-vault/ 20
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/refit/ 9
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/bmc-cfa/ 4
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/aws-kinesis-consumer/ 2
      https://plugins.jenkins.io/upload-build-to-sofy/ 1



          basil Basil Crow added a comment -

          CC'ing batmat in case you have anything to add beyond what I wrote above.

          basil Basil Crow added a comment - CC'ing batmat in case you have anything to add beyond what I wrote above.


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