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Publish over SSH doubles `$` inside expanded environment variables from the Credentials Binding plugin


      When I'm using global credentials from the Credentials Binding Plugin with embedded '$', they work fine in Execute shell build steps, but get doubled to '$$' when expanded (tokenized) by Publish Over SSH in Exec Command. This doesn't seem to affect regular variables, e.g. build parameters in parameterized projects.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create credentials in Manage System > Manage Credentials as Username with password, e.g., SPRING_DATASOURCE_USERNAME and SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD. Use foo$bar as the password value.
      2. Create a job
      3. Build Environment > Use secret text(s) or file(s) = on. Add Username and password (separated) > SPRING_DATASOURCE_USERNAME and SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD.
      4. Add build step > Send files or execute commands over SSH. Add Transfer Set > Exec Command = echo 'SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD=${SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD}' >SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD.txt

      Expected: foo$bar in SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD.txt on a remote server
      Actual: foo$$bar in SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD.txt on a remote server

      If I use the similar command in Execute shell : echo "SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD=${SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD}" >SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD.txt, the expected value is stored correctly. This flavor has to use double quotes to allow shell expansion to happen.

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