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ability for a pure API plugin to skip detached dependencies


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      As a developer of a pure API plugin (one that depends on some libraries but not on anything in Jenkins core) I want to be able to have a clean plugin with no implied detached dependencies regardless of the jenkins core I am targetting.

      As we are detaching things from core we will install those versions of plugins if a plugin is installed that depends on an old version of core when it is upgraded.

      However if the plugin is a pure api plugin there is never any need to consider detached plugins and sometimes this causes an issue (JENKINS-69034)

      Whilst a developer can constantly update thier Jenkins baseline - I would not want to update it (and release) to a version that is not an LTS so the above issue could still be a problem for users.

      As a plugin developer I should be able to add a pom.xml configuration that states this plugin will never need any detached plugins as it uses nothing from core.

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