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Promotion Status Arrow Icon huge on Firefox and missing on Chrome


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    • Jenkins LTS 2.361.1 and promoted builds plugin 892.vd6219fc0a_efb

      Firefox for Mac 104.0.2 and Chrome for Mac: Version 105.0.5195.125 (Official Build) (x86_64)

      On the Promotion Status page of a Job, on Firefox, there is an icon of an up or down arrow that is huge and fills the entire screen. See the screen shot attached.

      When you click on this, it toggles the full promotion history, or just the latest promotion.


      On Chrome, there is no image at all, and there is no way to click anything to get the history. So its possible to get into the Promotion Status screen and not see the history and there is no way to get the history. If one takes the link from the Firefox browser, and pastes into Chrome, then the history can be displayed.


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