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Job continues to run on timeout when process exits with code 0


      When a sh step, wrapped into a timeout step exits with code 0 when it receives a SIGTERM or SIGINTER signal, the job will continue to run and not abort.


      I expected that when the timeout expires, the job terminates, independent from the exit code of the process that was terminated by the timeout.
      This breaks the timeout functionality for processes that behaves badly (exit with wrong signal) or ignore the signal but terminate soon afterwards.


      How to reproduce:

      pipeline {
        agent any  stages {
         stage("Test") {
             steps {
             timeout(time: 3, unit: 'SECONDS') {
               script {
                 def rc = sh(
                 script: '''#!/bin/bash
                 trap 'exit 0' INT TERM
                 while true; do
                     echo "Sleeping..."
                     sleep 1
             echo "echo after TIMEOUT, job still running"

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