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GitLab branch source defines a symbol that conflicts with a git plugin symbol


      The 679.v1dfd3604d46e release of the GitLab branch source plugin adds the symbol gitLab to its implementation of a repository browser. The repository browser implementation is used by the git plugin to allow the user to choose the preferred way of displaying links to changes.

      Unfortunately, the git plugin already defines the symbol gitLab for a repository browser implementation. The addition of the new symbol to the GitLab branch source plugin will break the configuration as code definitions of git plugin users if they have used the gitLab symbol in their definition of global Pipeline libraries.

      Steps to duplicate the issue

      1. Create the plugins.txt file with the list of plugins and their versions
      2. Create the configuration-as-code.yaml with the configuration as code definition of a Pipeline global library using GitLab repository browser
      3. Create the run-jenkins.sh script that will download Jenkins core and the plugins and run with that configuration
      4. Run the run-jenkins.sh script and see it report the failure as
        2023-09-30 11:20:33.020+0000 [id=23]    SEVERE  hudson.util.BootFailure#publish: Failed to initialize Jenkins
        io.jenkins.plugins.casc.ConfiguratorException: Invalid configuration elements for type class io.jenkins.plugins.gitlabbranchsource.helpers.GitLabBrowser : repoUrl,version.
        Available attributes : projectUrl
        Caused: io.jenkins.plugins.casc.ConfiguratorException: unclassified: error configuring 'unclassified' with class io.jenkins.plugins.casc.impl.configurators.GlobalConfigurationCategoryConfigurator configurator


      Replace the gitlab branch source plugin 679.v1dfd3604d46e with the previous release 677.v0b_63b_038322b_

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