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Launch agent by connecting to controller is missing the required information


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      I am running the following Jenkins setup:

      jenkins 2.412.2 on ubuntu 22.04

      libvirt plugin: 262.v98a_c85b


      When I create a libvirt node with the launch setting:

      Launch agent by connecting it to the controller

      I would expect to see the required secret to manually connect to the jenkins controller.

      Here is how it looks like on the gui when having this setting with a normal node:

      And this it how it looks when using the libvirt plugin to create a node.

      So as a workaround I run this in my jenkins console:

      for (aSlave in hudson.model.Hudson.instance.slaves) 
      { println aSlave.name + "," + aSlave.getComputer().getJnlpMac() } 

      Where then I have acquired the secret necessary to spawn the connection from the node to the controller.

      So I created this issue is here sort of also as a possible future improvement, but also so others could also make use of this workaround.


      As for the background why I don't use an ssh connection.

      I need to have a working wsl on my windows, which is broken due to this bug:




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