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SimpleScheduledRetentionStrategy isn't working with inbound agents


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    • latest Jenkins core (2.433)
    • 2.439

      How to reproduce

      1. Create an agent with Launch method "Launch agent by connecting it to the controller"
      2. Set Availability to "Bring this agent online according to a schedule"
        Configure Startup schedule to "0 0 * * *" and scheduled uptime to "5" (basically the agent should not accept tasks)
      3. Connect the agent.
      4. Create a freestyle job that should run on that agent exclusively
      5. run the job

      Expected result

      the job never runs

      Actual result

      the job gets executed



      SimpleScheduledRetentionStrategy disconnects agents and then does computer.setAcceptingTasks(false)

      After a few seconds after the disconnection, the agents java process reconnects the agent which also sets the setAcceptingTasks to true for the agent.



      SimpleScheduledRetentionStrategy should implement isAcceptingTasks and remove the explicit calls to __ computer.setAcceptingTasks(false)

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