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Git submodules being created in root workspace



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    • OSX10.6.4, Java 1.6.0_20, tomcat 6.0.29


      When I make a new Job and point it at my repo ( git@git.assembla.com:locurious-iphone.git) it first gets that, and then it gets the three20 library, but then does something whereby it gets the original three20 library and sticks it in workspace, blowing away the Locurious directory.

      This is my .git/conf:

      	repositoryformatversion = 0
      	filemode = true
      	bare = false
      	logallrefupdates = true
      	ignorecase = true
      [remote "origin"]
      	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
      	url = git@git.assembla.com:locurious-iphone.git
      [branch "master"]
      	remote = origin
      	merge = refs/heads/master
      [submodule "three20"]
      	url = git@github.com:locurious/three20.git

      And this is the .gitmodules:

      [submodule "three20"]
      	path = three20
      	url = git@github.com:locurious/three20.git

      This is what the workspace should look like:

      Locurious README    README~   scripts   three20

      This is what it does look like:

      AUTHORS        LICENSE        diffstrings.py samples        three20
      CHANGES        README.mdown   project.dev    src

      Here is the log:

      Checkout:workspace / /Users/jamie/binaryfinery/tools/continuousintegration/hudson.data/jobs/Locurious-iPhone/workspace - hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@63425e17
      Using strategy: Default
      Checkout:workspace / /Users/jamie/binaryfinery/tools/continuousintegration/hudson.data/jobs/Locurious-iPhone/workspace - hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@63425e17
      GitAPI created
      Cloning the remote Git repository
      Cloning repository origin
      $ git clone -o origin git@git.assembla.com:locurious-iphone.git /Users/jamie/binaryfinery/tools/continuousintegration/hudson.data/jobs/Locurious-iPhone/workspace
      Fetching upstream changes from git@git.assembla.com:locurious-iphone.git
      [workspace] $ git fetch -t git@git.assembla.com:locurious-iphone.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
      [workspace] $ git ls-tree HEAD
      GitAPI created
      Fetching upstream changes from git@github.com:locurious/three20.git
      [three20] $ git fetch -t git@github.com:locurious/three20.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
      warning: no common commits
      From github.com:locurious/three20
       * [new branch]      ipad       -> origin/ipad
       + 3fcf0a0...8790a69 master     -> origin/master  (forced update)
       * [new branch]      newtables  -> origin/newtables
       * [new branch]      nibs       -> origin/nibs
       * [new branch]      tablefixes -> origin/tablefixes
       * [new tag]         v1.0       -> v1.0
       * [new tag]         v2.0       -> v2.0
      [workspace] $ git submodule init
      [workspace] $ git submodule update
      Seen branch in repository origin/ipad
      Seen branch in repository origin/master
      Seen branch in repository origin/nibs
      Seen branch in repository origin/tablefixes
      Seen branch in repository origin/newtables
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985 ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985 d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4
      [workspace] $ git merge-base ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4 ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4 ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4 d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99
      [workspace] $ git merge-base d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99 ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985
      [workspace] $ git merge-base d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99 8790a69ccf1056b4698ae54fed8dae39587e6c7f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99 ee2931c1002b96224d44a9b546b8ed31c37a829f
      [workspace] $ git merge-base d130d8360de127a733dd4e7515d4e62034943f99 4c75a9ccea021a5c321a0ee0ed230ffeeb6328f4
      Commencing build of Revision ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985 (origin/nibs)
      GitAPI created
      Checking out Revision ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985 (origin/nibs)
      [workspace] $ git checkout -f ee6bb0f9a944c8f4be785521c32da58840910985
      [workspace] $ git tag -a -f -m "Hudson Build #1" hudson-Locurious-iPhone-1
      No change to record in branch origin/nibs



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