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GuiceExtensionFinder does not correctly pick up new GuiceExtensionAnnotation


    • 2.454

      Created from from from https://github.com/jenkinsci/acceptance-test-harness/issues/1526

      When a plugin that has an OptionalExtension from the variant plugin is installed at the same time as the variant plugin its OptionalExtensions are not evaluated and do not become active post the installation.

      It is expected that installing the variant plugin at the same time as any plugin that uses it should cause those extensions to be evaluated.

      Because The variant plugin is itself an extension of GuiceExtensionAnnotation the ExtensionList of this type is not refreshed until after GuiceFinder has been refresh()}}ed, causing the {{OptionalExtensionProcessor from the variant plugin not to be initially loaded.

            teilo James Nord
            teilo James Nord
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