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RSS of each user's "last builds only" are not found.


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    • Server: Windows 2003,JDK1.6u21,Tomcat 6.0.28,Hudson 1.372
      Client: Windos XP SP3, IE7,FF3.6.8,IE8

      1.The "people" menu of the side menu was clicked on the dashboard screen.
      2.The user name link with the build history was clicked.
      3."Build" menu of the side menu was clicked.
      4."last builds only" link in the lower right of the screen was clicked.
      404 HTTP status screens were displayed.

      RSS can be normally acquired from user's all builds link and user's regression builds link.(URL:/jobname/user/username/rssAll or /jobname/user/username/rssFailed)
      Moreover, "last builds only" for all users can be normally acquired. (URL: /jobname/rssLatest)

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