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Promoting a job should also promote all of it modules


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    • Maven software project on Linux

      I have a hudson job that is based on a Maven software project. The hudson job builds a Maven parent POM file, that in turn builds several child modules. One of the child modules is "dist", which produces a zip file of the software distribution. My parent has no artifacts. The artifacts I am interested in are owned by the dist module.

      For example:


      I use the promoted-simple-builds plugin in conjunction with the copy artifact plugin. When my-project is released, I use the promoted-simple-builds plugin to promote the build to "GA Release".

      Then, (in a separate Hudson job), I use the Copy artifacts plugin to copy the dist module's artifacts to a known directory.

      Unfortunately, it looks like only the parent job (my-project) is tagged as a "GA Release". The child modules do not appear to get tagged - and as a result, I can't use the Copy Artifact plugin to say "copy the artifacts from the last GA Release build of the dist module to directory X", as I get the following error:

      Building on master
      Unable to find a build for artifact copy from: my-project/my-project$dist
      Finished: FAILURE

      The Promotion drop down is not available from the module's build page by default. But, interestingly if I use this URL:


      Then, I can navigate to the module's build page and flag the individual module as "GA Release" - then the Copy Artifacts configuration works (which implies when dist is flagged as a "GA Release", then I can select it from Copy Artifact).

      However, this is a very manual process. And it seems that if a parent has been tagged as "Promoted", then it should be implied that all of the children have been "Promoted" as well.

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