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Perforce plugin incorrectly finds changes


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    • p4-plugin
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    • Hudson 1.383
      Perforce plugin 1.1.11
      p4 Rev. P4/LINUX26X86/2009.1/205670 (2009/06/29)

      I have a project that hasn't changed (no checkins to Perforce), building on a slave (that hasn't changed either). Yet the P4 plugin thinks there are changes and kicks off a build several times a day.

      The polling log shows:

      Started on Nov 10, 2010 9:29:10 AM
      Looking for changes...
      Using node: builder-ubuntu-jaunty-32-nutmeg
      Using remote perforce client: hudson-unitpp-linux32--497286900
      [unitpp-Linux-32] $ /usr/local/bin/p4 workspace -o hudson-unitpp-linux32--497286900
      Changing P4 Client Root to: /home/boss/hudson/workspace/unitpp-Linux-32
      Changing P4 Client View from:

      Changing P4 Client View to:
      //depot/External/unit++/... //hudson-unitpp-linux32--497286900/...
      -//depot/External/unit++/Lib/... //hudson-unitpp-linux32--497286900/Lib/...
      -//depot/External/unit++/Include/... //hudson-unitpp-linux32--497286900/Include/...
      Done. Took 0.45 sec
      Changes found

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