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Unable to "Build now" when remote token is set and token is not included in parameters form


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    • Ubuntu 10.10, 32-bit

      Hudson ver. 1.389.

      = issue 1.1 =
      After the latest update from repository (http://pkg.hudson-labs.org/debian) the Jobs which have a remote token set, can not be built from the www interface.

      The user will be redirected to a page which says:
      "Access Denied

      Invalid token provided."

      In the case that token is passed to HTTP GET

      The page is displayed

      = issue 1.2 =
      but when the Job has parameters which needs to be set the parameters form does not pass the token value.
      <form name="parameters" action="build?delay=0sec" method="post">

      So when user clicks on Build button the "Invalid Token provided" page will be displayed.

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