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Recursive folders are archived




      I use doclinks to publish a few txt files that are generated at the root of my workspace.
      I configured the plugin to publish these and the files a published and linked OK

      doclinks however takes ages to run.

      I have now discovered that it is in fact archiving recursively the entire directory structure below workspace into the folder job_name/doclinks/1

      This is a waste of disc space and time in this instance. It is however fine when publishing the likes of doxygen folders.

      I have had to copy the files I want to a separate folder and then just point to that.

      Run time has reduced 10 fold, by about 20 minutes.

      You should make it clear that this is what is happening in the documentation, as on the surface things look OK. I only discovered when trying to find out where my disc space was disappearing to.

      Maybe there should be an option to support this sort of functionality, or should I be using a different plugin to achieve this?


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