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Problems with "Latest Test Result" and "Aggregated Test Result" links


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      On the main page of a free-style project that aggregates test results from downstream projects,
      the "Latest Test Result" link points to
      http://jenkins/job/testJob/lastCompletedBuild/testReport/ instead of
      http://jenkins/job/testJob/lastCompletedBuild/aggregatedTestReport/ .
      The link should also say "Latest Aggregated Test Result".

      In Chrome and IE this leads to 404s. Firefox automatically shows the parent page (that's actually why I didn't notice this bug earlier).

      The underlying problem is that in main.jelly the following check is always true:

      ${tr.class.name != 'hudson.tasks.test.AggregatedTestResultAction}

      (the class name is in fact "hudson.tasks.test.AggregatedTestResultPublisher$TestResultAction" for a free-style project with aggregated test results)


      always returns null, because AggregatedTestResultAction is not assigned to the job.

      I'm wondering if the AggregatedTestResultAction is obsolete (eventhough MatrixTestResult extends it)?

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