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MSBuild plugin fails to build scripts with arbitrary filename extensions



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      One of the latest updates – 1.5 or maybe 1.4 – has broken a number of my builds.

      I use the MSBuild plugin to build msbuild scripts named "[foo].msbuild". These scripts do a number of pre and post-build actions.

      The plugin seems to not recognise the script file and I get a build failure along the lines of "Could not find .proj or .sln file". In other cases, I think when the [foo] in foo.msbuild matches foo.sln, the solution file is built directly. This is no good as the prebuild actions aren't done.

      One workaround I have found is to put an optional argument into the appropriate textbox, e.g. "/v:d" which turns on Debug verbosity.

      I would like to be able to call any filename from the MSBuild plugin, as I would when using MSBuild.exe directly on the command line.


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