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Emma plugin - change top level statistics generation to check the type of coverage, specific order not required


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      Currently when generating the top level statistics for the build output/main trend graph the following order is required for the coverage elements:

      1. Class
      2. Method
      3. Block
      4. Line

      I'm using a third party tool other than EMMA that uses the EMMA XML format to generate code coverage that can be used with this plugin, however, it doesn't use that specific order. This seems like the only place in the plugin where the coverage elements order matters. I'm not sure if that specific ordering is part of the EMMA XML standard or not (if so I'll go back to the creator of the third party tool and have them change the order) but the plugin could just be changed to look at the type of coverage element and assign the values accordingly. Attaching the code changes I made when resolving this issue, sorry didn't have git setup at the time to provide a patch. Thanks.

            kohsuke Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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