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Choose build trigger types that will result in publishing


      Our teams use ftp publishing as a way to deploy ears to our development environment. This is a huge productivity gain over what we previously had. However, not all teams want the ear deployed from triggered builds. For example, we do poll scm each night, and on weekends, we do a timer trigger build. But some teams are saying they don't want the ear deployed on those triggered builds. (I can explain the reasons if you need me to)

      Please add a feature something like a section that has checkboxes something like this

      Publish on which of the following

      • [ ] Manual builds
      • [ ] "SCM Poll" builds
      • [ ] "Build periodically" builds

      And probably have all 3 selected by default since that's the backwards compatible behavior. Another real nice-to-have would be to configure these defaults in the master configuration so that when a job configures ftp publishing for the first time, the most commonly used of these checkboxes (for the organization) is already setup.

      Note that I may look into implementing this for the FTP-Publisher Plugin, but I would strongly prefer it gets rolled into this plugin which is more comprehensive and active. Please let me know how likely it is that this feature will get implemented. Also, let me know if you'd like me to look into implementing it for you.

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