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Emulator occasionally hangs indefinitely on startup


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    • Ubuntu 10.04, linux 2.6.32, Jenkins 1.421.
      Android SDK r10

      When starting up the emulator, adb shell getprop dev.bootcomplete will sometimes hang indefinitely. This will cause the entire job to hang. Below is a log w/ timestamps where I have a 15 minute build timeout kick in.
      Since adb is prone to hanging, every adb command (or at least these first ones) should have a watchdog thread killing them if they take too long.
      I'm guessing an adb disconnect/connect combo after the hanging command might be needed too.

      08:17:35 Building on master
      08:17:35 [android] Using Android SDK: /usr/local/android
      08:17:35 $ /usr/local/android/tools/emulator -snapshot-list -no-window -avd hudson_en-US_160_WVGA_android-4
      08:17:35 [android] Starting Android emulator from snapshot
      08:17:35 $ /usr/local/android/tools/emulator -no-boot-anim -ports 47225,56719 -prop persist.sys.language=en -prop persist.sys.country=US -avd hudson_en-US_160_WVGA_android-4 -snapshot jenkins -no-snapshot-save -no-window
      08:17:35 emulator: warning: opening audio output failed
      08:17:40 $ /usr/local/android/platform-tools/adb connect emu:47225,56719
      08:17:40 $ /usr/local/android/platform-tools/adb -s emulator-47225 logcat -v time
      08:17:40 [android] Waiting for emulator to finish booting...
      08:17:40 $ /usr/local/android/platform-tools/adb -s emulator-47225 shell getprop dev.bootcomplete
      08:32:35 Build timed out (after 15 minutes). Marking the build as aborted.
      08:32:35 [android] Interrupted while waiting for emulator to finish booting.
      08:32:35 [android] Timed-out after waiting 120 seconds for emulator
      08:32:35 [android] Stopping Android emulator
      08:32:35 [android] Archiving emulator log
      08:32:35 Notifying upstream projects of job completion
      08:32:35 Finished: NOT_BUILT

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