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Project configured to use CRON job gets built because of ivy dependency


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    • ivy-plugin
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    • Jenkins ver. 1.397
      Ivy Plugin ver 1.14

      Steps :

      • A project A is configured to be built at 5am (In the Build triggers section, only 'Build automatically' is checked, with the cron string 0 5 * * *
      • The build has an ivy.xml file which declare that it depends on another project B
      • The projects B is configured to build the projects that depends on them :
        • 'Trigger the build of other projects based on the Ivy dependency management system' is checked'
        • a path to the ivy file of this project is provided
        • 'Trigger this build even if upstream build is unstable' is not checked
        • 'Use parameters set by upstream builds' is not checked
      • The code of project A hardly ever changes; it's a pretty long build, and it locks resources, so we want to perform only once a day
      • The code of project B changes a lot, so this project is built more often

      Seen :

      • Whenever the project 'B' is built, a build of the project 'A' is triggered

      Is is a bug of the plugin ? Is there a way to configure project A so that the 'CRON' build is always respected ?
      Is it a known problem of our relatively old version of Jenkins / Ivy plugin ?


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