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Git plugin doesn't limit polling/checkout of repo to specific branch


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    • Jenkins v1.421, Git plugin v1.1.10

      We have a build against the repo at https://github.com/aptana/studio3-ruby, where we've specified "origin/development" as the "Branches to build".

      However, now it's picking up commits on origin/master. Here's the beginning of a bad build:

      Started by upstream project "studio3-core-development" build number 1607
      Building remotely on hudson-ubuntu1
      Checkout:studio3-ruby-development / /var/hudson/workspace/studio3-ruby-development - hudson.remoting.Channel@1d5e778:hudson-ubuntu1
      Using strategy: Default
      Last Built Revision: Revision 21fca4614c426857b71cb60cec448bd3a0679653 (origin/development)
      Checkout:studio3-ruby-development / /var/hudson/workspace/studio3-ruby-development - hudson.remoting.LocalChannel@1a43cda
      Wiping out workspace first.
      Cloning the remote Git repository
      Cloning repository origin
      Fetching upstream changes from git://github.com/aptana/studio3-ruby.git
      Cleaning workspace
      Commencing build of Revision 1a0bfdade287d963921953fcb0c82d36d08f5368 (origin/development)
      Checking out Revision 1a0bfdade287d963921953fcb0c82d36d08f5368 (origin/development)
      Cleaning workspace

      The revision pointed at there is actually on origin/master: https://github.com/aptana/studio3-ruby/commit/1a0bfdade287d963921953fcb0c82d36d08f5368

      While the latest HEAD for origin/development is https://github.com/aptana/studio3-ruby/commit/21fca4614c426857b71cb60cec448bd3a0679653

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