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Jenkins redirecting from https to http


      (Sorry – I'm not sure what component this falls under)

      I have a ssl proxy on another machine in front of jenkins. The ssl proxy listens on port 8080 and forwards to Jenkins on port 8080.

      After I submit my login details to Jenkins on https://domain.com:8080/login, it redirects me to http://domain.com:8080. I'd like to stay on https. I've configured the Jenkins URL to be https://domain.com:8080, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

      Two solutions?

      1. Never change the protocol. If the redirect was to '/' instead of 'http://domain.com', there would be no problem.
      2. The proxy adds a X-Forwarded-Proto to each request – could Jenkins look at that and realize it's a https request?

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