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"Build modules as separate jobs" fails to run Post-build Actions correctly


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    • ivy-plugin
    • Jenkins ver. 1.430
      Ivy Plugin 1.19
      Gerrit Trigger 2.3.1

      When using Ivy Plugin and Build modules as separate jobs setting is used the plugin fails to run Post-build Actions correctly.

      This happens immediately when job starts:

      Parsing Ivy Descriptor Files
      Triggering acme:module1
      Triggering acme:module2
      Triggering acme:module3
      Notifying upstream projects of job completion
      Finished: SUCCESS

      Note that build is immediately reported as SUCCESS even though none of the modules are not yet finished (or maybe even started). When some of the modules fails main job's status is correctly changed to FAILED but no post-build actions are triggered. This is also the case when all the modules are built successfully: status is SUCCESS but no post-build actions are triggered.

      We are using Ivy Plugin + Gerrit Trigger. Now what happens is that Gerrit correctly gets information about starting the job but it also immediately sets change's status to Verfified because build was successful. This means that in Gerrit we can see that review is started by Jenkins and it is always Verfified.

      We would like to see that the main job would run as long as module jobs are running. When every module job that should run (we are using Incremental build setting, too) has finished building only then should the main job report its status and trigger post-build actions (and in our case notify Gerrit if the build was successful or not).

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