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If there are no changes hudson.ivy.changedModules property is set as empty and other properties are then ignored


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    • Jenkins ver. 1.430
      Ivy Plugin 1.19

      If using Incremental build - only build changed modules and job is then build without changes to modules (manually started or changes to common files) hudson.ivy.changedModules property is passed with empty value to ant:

      Building project with Ant Builder
      [common] $ ant -file common.xml -Dhudson.ivy.changedModules= -Dsome.property=123 -Dsome.other.property=abc build-all -d

      This results invalid setting of properties:

      Setting ro project property: hudson.ivy.changedModules -> -Dsome.property
      Setting ro project property: some.other.property -> abc

      This could be fixed passing '' for hudson.ivy.changedModules property if there isn't any changed modules.

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