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Yellow and Cyan are unreadable on default Jenkins


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      The colors "yellow" and "cyan" are impossible to read on the white background.

      May I suggest that you use class="ansicolor-cyan" instead of style="color: cyan"? This would allow someone to override the exact saturation/value of a color to make them readable.

      By default, I'd suggest the following colors:

      .ansicolor-cyan {
      color: #0AA;

      .ansicolor-yellow {
      color: #AA0;

      I don't have an example of all the different colors, magenta may also be a problem...

      You could do this with all the various attributes, including 256 color ansi sequences, bold, underline, bright, etc.

      .ansicolor-bold {
      font-weight: bold;

      .ansicolor-underline {
      text-decoration: underline;

      .ansicolor-bright {
      ...hmm...not sure...

      I'd be happy to help with the CSS...

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