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When 'Build Record Root Directory' is enabled, renaming a job does not create a new BRRD dir for the renamed job, and does not rename/copy artifacts from the original BRRD


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      We have a Jenkins instance (1.438) using the 'Build Record Root Directory' feature, so we can specify an alternate directory for storing build artifacts outside of the JENKINS HOME directory.

      The 'Build Record Root Directory' (set in configure system, then click Advanced... button at the top), is set to /scratch/jbuildroot/${ITEM_FULLNAME}/builds. The Workspace Root dir is set to ${ITEM_ROOTDIR}/workspace.

      This generally works fine. However, I noticed that when I rename a job, I lose the previous build records.

      I see a new build record directory is created, beneath the specified 'Build Record Root Directory'. However, the old build directory also exists, containing the previous records. They are not moved over to the new directory.

      In other words, when the 'Build Record Root Directory' feature is enabled, renaming a project causes the project's build records to be lost.

      Current workaround is to move the build record files over and use sed to replace the project name in them, then restart Jenkins.

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