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lab manager plugin should have ability to undeploy and (re)deploy


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    • LM Plugin 0.2.8

      The Lab Manager plugin should have and "idle" option to undeploy and an "availability" option to deploy and bring online.

      For Windows nodes running Jenkins as a service, no additional functionality would be required; the vm would deploy, the os would start, and the Jenkins service would start and connect to the master.

      For SSH slaves, the plugin should get the "external" ip address upon successful deployment from the configuration/machine object via the soap api and update the the node's "host" ip address for the ssh launch method. This is important because the IP address will change between deployments and the ssh launch method requires the ip and credentials to bootstrap.

      This is an important usecase as many companies running Lab Manager use a deployment lease mechanism and auto-undeploy when the deployment lease expires. redeployment renews the lease, so adding this capability to the plugin makes using Lab Manager and Jenkins together much more viable.

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