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flexible publish - Parametrized trigger does not work


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    • Jenkins 1.446 on RHEL 6
      Plugin:run-condition, 0.7,
      Plugin:flexible-publish, 0.7
      Plugin:token-macro, 1.5.1,
      Plugin:any-buildstep, 0.1,
      Plugin:parameterized-trigger, 2.12

      Enable flexible publish and set any condition and add the Parametrized Trigger plugin, set the next job and some parameters.

      Log shows that it should have been called.

      Run condition [Always] enabling perform for step [Trigger parameterized build on other projects]
      Strings match run condition: string 1=[], string 2=[]
      Run condition [Not] preventing perform for step [Trigger parameterized build on other projects]
      [ArtifactDeployer] - Starting deployment from the post-action ...
      [ArtifactDeployer] - 2 file(s) have been copied from the workspace to '/company/site/groups/jenkins_wp/fahud022/property_files/CHAIN1_MCL_0_Start_2012-01-16_09-58-38'.
      [ArtifactDeployer] - Stopping deployment from the post-action...

      Next job is not called and they do not show up as Downstream Projects on the project page

      possible solutions:

      1. Flex publish Plugin should implement DependecyDeclarer and call any other publishers that require it, if this is possible and makes sense.

      2. Add use of run condition plugin to parametrized trigger plugin. and prevent flexible publish from using parametrized trigger plugin.

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