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GitPublisher won't work as promote action


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      Promote actions list GitPublisher as one of the available items. However, when configured as a promote action, GitPublisher always fails. I remote debugged GitPublisher to find out why and it turns out that build.getProject().getScm() is a NullSCM instead of a GitSCM instance. I'm assuming that somehow, the SCM instance doesn't apply to promote (the SCM is configured to a valid git repository in the job config and the pulls are done without problems).

      Since we're used to have tagging done on build promotion and it's a valid use case, I think it would be nice if either:
      1. Promote actions would also get access to the GitSCM instance to be able to perform the operation.
      2. The GitPublisher could be given enough information to create a GitSCM instance and tag when under promote (repository url, commit hash matching the promoted build).

      I've looked a bit at the GitPublisher code and I'm willing to do some work but I would like some input as to the best solution.

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