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If you rename a job, other jobs that clone the first job's workspace will break in an unexpected way


      I have many jobs which are set to archive their workspaces for the Clone Workspace SCM function. Let's say I have jobs like this:

      Archive A
      Clone A
      Archive B
      Clone B

      Where each "archive" job's workspace is cloned by the "clone" job with the same letter. If I rename the "Archive B" job to something else, the "Clone B" job will silently change its configuration to clone the workspace from the "Archive A" job the next time you view its configuration, presumably because that is first in the alphabetical list of archived workspaces.

      This can cause weird and unexpected behavior if you don't catch it, and the build logs for the "Clone B" job may not be helpful in figuring out what's going on.

      I think the preferred fix would be for the default choice in the "Parent Project" list to be blank. That way there's no chance of accidentally trying to build code that was cloned from the wrong workspace.

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