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Artifacts Permissions Stripped


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    • Centos 5.6, 32-bit, JDK 7u3, Jenkins 1.455

      I've seen several related and/or resolved issue on this but I wasn't sure which one was relevant for re-opening.

      I have a very basic job (name DEV) that polls a git repository, deploys the files to a local webserver via a shell script, then archives the workspace. A second job then picks up the last successful archive w/ the Copy Artifact plugin and attempts to run the same deploy script and receives an error due to missing executable permissions. The intent is to put a skeleton together of a pipeline for DEV->QA->PROD, each deploying to a local folder (symlinked to a directory apache is aware of), the file permissions are deployment scripts are managed in the repository with the source for the site.

      I initially thought this was an issue with the Copy Artifact plugin, but after writing a basic shell script to manually copy the files and then looking directly at the archive folders in the job folders, it appears to be the Archive operation itself.

      It appears that all the file and folder permissions are being set/cleared when the archive occurred. The contents of the DEV workspace has original permissions after a run, but the archive contents (jenkins\jobs\DEV\builds##\archive) are missing their permissions. All files have been set to 644, all directories to 755 (>2000 files in multiple subdirectories, although to be fair I've only checked 5 or 6 subdirectories).

      This is similar to the related set of tickets under JENKINS-9397 but I wasn't sure which (if any) was best to reopen.

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