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Archiving artifacts does not preserve timestamps if archived on master


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    • Windows 7, Java 1.8, Jenkins 1.575
      Linux 64, Java 1.8, Jenkins 1.647

      When a build run on the master, "Archive the artifacts" doesn't preserve timestamps.
      It preserves timestamps when run on slaves.

      It looks caused by FilePath.copyRecursiveTo.

      Original description (the issue was found not of Copyartifact, but of ArtifactArchiver):

      The timestamps of artifacts are not preserved when archiving artifacts, OR performing a CopyArtifact operation if the artifact filter is set to "**".

      For example the filter


      will preserve timestamps.

      We use mutiple chained Jenkins jobs to perform a build. If the timestamps of dependency files in the artifact passed between jobs is not preserved, then subsequent jobs will fail.

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