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JDK Automatic install fails on Debian


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      I have my Jenkins system set up to automatically install Java 7. When I add a new project and try to build, I see errors saying:

      Started by an SCM change
      Building in workspace /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/FeedWatcher/workspace
      Installing /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh
      [Java_SE_7] $ /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh -noregister
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 1: cannot open html: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 2: cannot open head: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 3: cannot open title: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 3: Request: not found
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 4: cannot open META: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 5: cannot open link: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 6: cannot open link: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 7:
      : not found
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 8: cannot open body: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 9: cannot open div: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 10: cannot open table: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 11: cannot open tr: No such file
      /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh: 12: Syntax error: redirection unexpected
      ERROR: Failed to install JDK. Exit code=2
      Finished: FAILURE

      Looking at /var/lib/jenkins/tools/Java_SE_7/jdk.sh, I see it's HTML generated from an Oracle site.

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