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Cannot add Project Roles in Role Based Strategy Plug-In


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    • role-strategy-plugin
    • Hudson 2.2.0
      Role Based Strategy Plug In 1.1.2
      Java - java version "" ("java -version")
      OS - HP-UX tdcndv01 B.11.31 U ia64 1579589996 unlimited-user license ("uname -a")
      Browser - IE8

      In the "Manage and Assign Roles" screen. I cannot add project roles. I can populate the "Role to add" and "Pattern" fields, but nothing happens when I click on the Add button.I've tried various strings for Role and Pattern.

      The plug in is not terribly useful without this functionality.

      I can add Global Roles.

      I was able to get this to work on Windows XP, but HP-UX is our production environment.

      (I saw this issue was mentioned on the plug in page and the maintainer as to have the issue recorded here. I couldn't find any such issue, so I'm entering here. My apologies if this is a duplicate.)

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