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In combination with maven-release-plugin: Doxyfile not found


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      We are using the maven-release-plugin with parameters -Dresume=false release:prepare release:perform. However, we shorten the prepare step by setting preparationGoals to "clean", such that nothing is built in that step.

      The release-plugin performs the release build in ROOT/target/checkout/, (where ROOT is the build root directory), whereas when a snapshot is built, it is built in ROOT/. So when the preparation phase is skipped, the Doxyfile is in a location relative to ROOT/target/checkout, but not relative to ROOT/.

      Therefore, the path to the Doxyfile is different depending on the type of build (release build or a snapshot build). Unfortunately, we do both on a regular basis. (Which means we have to change the path manually each time, or the build is marked as failed.)

      Would it be possible to add support for multiple search paths for the Doxyfile? (Or maybe a different workaround...?)

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