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Disable resolving relative to absolute paths


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    • Jenkins 1.412
      Static Analysis Utilities 1.41
      Warnings 3.16

      When the Warnings plugin finds warnings, I want to disable any attempt to turn relative paths into absolute paths. It's just takes too much time for my job.

      We have a workspace with over 100K files in it. The build and tests take about an hour, but I noticed that each build would hang for many minutes after parsing the warnings. The monitoring plugin showed that the build thread was doing directory recursion for most of that time, so I turned off the warnings plugin for a couple jobs. This saved 10-30 minutes off the build time (with between 20 and 100 warnings). This issue is similar to JENKINS-9090.

      I expect the latest version of the Warnings plugin will reduce the processing time (due to changes for JENKINS-9090). I updated to Warnings 4.5 last night, but each job's Configure page was broken until I reverted back to 3.16 (Static Analysis Utilities did update to 1.41 and still works, but I can't afford to update core at this point in the production cycle). I still search for warnings in a nightly job, since I mostly want to know when somebody has significantly increased the warnings (and be able to see the warning text with relative path). I am highly interested in any changes in number of warnings between continuous builds (along with text for each warning). There is some value in finding the absolute path and having a link from the dashboard, but I prefer to disable it if it takes more than a minute.

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