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Build promotion leads to "Upstream Subversion URL is not specified"


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    • svnmerge-plugin
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    • promoted builds plugin 2.6.2
      svn merge plugin 1.0

      we are using the svn merge plugin and the promoted builds plugin. The promotion is configured to "Promote builds..." "only when manually approved" and "Integrate to upstream upon succesful build" is configured as action. If we now approve the promotion manually, the following error appears:

      Legacy code started this job. No cause information is available
      Building in workspace /var/opt/int/hudson/server/hudsontest02/data/jobs/buildtest-feat001/workspace
      Promoting buildtest-feat001 #10
      Upstream Subversion URL is not specified. Configuration problem?
      failed build jenkins.plugins.svnmerge.IntegrationPublisher@4cb3b97f SUCCESS
      Finished: FAILURE

      "This project builds a Subversion feature branch" is checked and the upstream project name is set.

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