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IOException: Unable to delete <FileName> on Windows Slaves


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    • Server: Ubuntu 2.6.35-28-server
      Slaves: Windows Server 2008 RC2

      We have updated our Jenkins Server from 1.474 to 1.477 last week and since then have an increasing number of failing jobs caused by an IOException. Our jobs are configured to clean and checkout the project at start and clean the workspace at the end of the job. Sometimes the failure occures at the end (Run1 and Run2) and sometime right after start execution (Run3). I have attached the logs from different jobs.

      We have 5 slaves with Windows Server 2008 RC2 and the failure occures on all of them. Actually we are cleaning the workspace by hand so that the jobs could start executing the build but failing at the final clean up, so many of our jobs are running red at the moment but building correctly.

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