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ClearCase plugin shouold start dynamic view


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      I think it should be the CC plugin's responsibility. In a dynamic CC
      view configuration, the CC plugin (from my understanding) is
      first doing a catcs command to check the config spec and then verifying
      if the view-extended path exists (which will always fail).
      The dynamic view doesn't live on the server that hudson is running on
      and has no view-server process running. I think the CC plugin
      should say to itself 'Is the view server process running for this view,
      if not let me start it'. Not everyone that uses hudson is
      a ClearCase admin and wouldn't know what to do. I can't imagine having
      say 15-20 hudson projects using the CC plugin and having to
      manage the start all the CC views the projects depend on. What about if
      hudson is open for any developer to create a project, they
      would have to login to the hudson server and start the view-server
      process for their project or write a script to do it. It is too much
      configuration for a plugin, developers tend to push away from the
      software when it is. They would have to have a cheat sheet of what
      the plugin is not configuring.

      The only thing a user should know about ClearCase when they login is can
      I find it in my path (can I execute cleartool). A user
      wants a view-server process running only on demand as it takes up
      resources. My SCM Team has over 200 views does that mean their views
      should startup all the time when the they login? No...you will kill the
      network and development. Because of the issue, IBM (in the new version
      of CC)updated a view-server process to detect how long a view-server
      process has been running and kill it after x number of days if
      it has not been accessed.

      Another option to this is to have prebuild plugin do it but I don't
      think one exist. Also the CC plugin documention would then need to be
      to reflect it will not start any view-server processes in a dynamic view

      It would be better to call setview but I think I made a post about it
      before (how is a build script invoked thru a dynamic view,
      cleartool setview -exec). As for the CC plugin to do a endview, not at
      all, I was only referencing a problem if CC was configured
      when a user logins.

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