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Integrate branch gives "No changes to be integrated"


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    • svnmerge-plugin
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    • svn, Version 1.6.17 (r1128011) (client version on jenkins)
      SVN/1.6.17 SVNKit/1.3.7-1 (http://svnkit.com/) t20111225_1716 (SVN Server version)
      Jenkins ver. 1.488
      Jenkins svnmerge plugin 1.2

      1. Create a project with "Accept Integration from Subversion feature branches"
      2. SCM setting: check out trunk of a subversion project
      3. build the trunk project
      4. Create a feature branch from this project in jenkins (I called it "development")
      5. build the branch project
      6. integrate the build in the trunk - works correctly
      7. change some files in the branch and commit those changes
      8. build the branch project again
      9. integrate the new build in the trunk


      No changes to be integrated. Skipping integration.

      Expected: the modified files are merged into the trunk

            kohsuke Kohsuke Kawaguchi
            lasrik Tobias Dittrich
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