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Use extended revision matching enhancement


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      I use the ivy plugin to build my projects following the dependency graph.
      We have for example several projects :

      [A-1.0 exists but not in jenkins]

      A-1.0.1a : A-1.0 branch to fix previous version already deployed
      B-1.0.1a : depends of A-1.0.1a
      B-1.1 : depends of A-1.0

      I use the option "Use extended revision matching" to not build
      for example B-1.1 if A-1.0.1a is built, but B-1.1 is still built !

      A-1.0 being not in jenkins, by default if you don't find the exact rev num then you use the default "module matching rule" ?
      Could you enhance "revision matching" to be strictly "rev num matching"
      else do nothing ? Or maybe, I'am not using your plugin correctly ?

      Let me know how I can help you to debug/log and/or fix myself the code if necessary.

      thanks for all.


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